My Two Year Old Still Sleeps In Our Bed......And I Love It




For as long as I can remember, even before we had Roman, I would look at my friends who let their children sleep in their bed, shake my head with disappointment and boldly proclaim "NEVER, NOT ME".


Not only did I have friends who let their newborns sleep in their bed, they continued to let them sleep in the bed until their 1st birthday!


There was no way in this world I was going to allow our baby to sleep in our bed, thats what cribs are for. forward to today, Roman is a few months past 2 years old and he still sleeps in our bed. Not only do we share our bed with a very active 2 year old, we also share it with our 50 pound dog, Mr. Cameron.


Mr. Cameron and Roman jump and play on the bed until one of them falls asleep, Roman and I wrestle together, we read books in the bed, we all watch movies together, and we all sleep together.......and I love it!




I love it so much, I have no plans of kicking him out any time soon.


Why? Simple. 


Because there is only a small window of time when things will be this way. Time will move on as it normally does and things will change.


One day, unfortunately, Mr Cameron will pass, and as Roman gets older, like most children, he'll want to be in his own room.


So until then, it'll be the 4 of us. My family, my party of 4, laughing, laying, and sleeping in one bed...together.


I look forward to looking back on these days, these memories, of my wife and I, my son and his dog and the fun times we all had on our "bed island."


I'll look back and be glad that I went against the norm and my own preconceived thoughts and let our child sleep in our bed. It's honestly one of the best decisions we have made as parents.


And if we have another child in the next year or two, we'll make room for him or her too!


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