Meet the House Husband at Heart


Hey! So I'm sure you are wondering, "who is a House Husband at Heart?" I'm just a guy who works in corporate America who likes cooking, saving money and being a father.


I just so happen to have a blog that talks about saving money, early retirement, cooking, parenting & travel!


When I was 13 my parents gave me a few shares of stocks for my birthday and it was then that I began to take an interest in investing! Over the years, I have enjoyed finding ways to save money and sharing those tips with family and friends.


A few years ago, my wife and I started discussing early retirement, but we honestly weren't too serious about it and got sidetracked with traveling, having a child and whatever other distractions happened in life.


After reading several early retirement stories, and one particular story about a couple who turned their portfolio into $1 Million in less than 5 years, I noticed a troubling trend.


None of these stories included minorities. 


It was at that moment, '22 to $1 Million was born. If you aren't familiar, that is my personal challenge to myself to turn our portfolio into $1 Million by the end of 2022, with the hopes of retiring by 2028.


It is my hope that many of the savings, shopping and investing tips I present on this page will help you and your family strive towards a better financial future.


Along with saving money, I do a fair amount of cooking under my cooking alter-ego, A Brotha in the Kitchen! I've been working to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle since late May, but I still find time to cook a meat dish or two for family and friends.


My wife and I also love to travel!


Finding ways to save money, and still travel is a lot for anyone, but add a toddler to the mix and a lot of people think its down right impossible.....WRONG!


I will share how we do it and some tips that will save you money and time when traveling with your family.


I absolutely love being a dad and look forward to sharing pictures of our son, Roman and recapping some of his adventures!


Be on the look out for a few product reviews, some of my decorating projects and anything else that's on a House Husband at Heart's mind!




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