Traveling With a Young Child: How to Make the Seemingly Impossible a Breeze



Before my wife & I had Roman, we traveled pretty frequently. Not only did we travel frequently, we traveled very light.


How light? Lets just say, for one trip, we went to Italy for almost 2 weeks with just 2  pieces of carry-on luggage.


So, one of our biggest fears post baby was how in the world were we going to travel!?


We heard the stress filled stories from friends who had horrible experiences traveling with their young children and even worse, we heard the disappointment  from friends who hadn't traveled since they became parents.


We decided  early on that we didn't want to fall into either of these categories, so we started planning ahead, and planning smart.


After about 2 weeks of planning, we were ready, ready to do what many said was nearly impossible. We were ready to take our 1st flight with a 1 year old........with zero checked bags!


We wanted to pick a location that was either a short distance or one with a layover. We settled on Quebec City.


That 1st trip went very well, and every one since then has gotten just a little bit easier.


Want to know how we do it? Check out the list below!



1. Grab a passport for your child. It's honestly super easy. Wasn't Roman the cutest??


2. We  like to be agile when we travel, so we needed a stroller that would allow us to fold down and pick up quickly, not taking up a lot of space. 


We decided on the Summer Infant 3Dlite, and WE LOVE IT! (Full Review Coming Soon)


It's perfect for jumping in and out of Ubers.





3. Maximize the carry-on rules. For us that means we bring 2 carry-on suitcases and 2 bookbags. As I mentioned above, we've never had a problem over packing (and here is where I think parents start to unknowingly self sabotage their trip) and I wanted to make sure we continued that trend.


To make sure we didn't over pack and still had everything we needed, I pulled out our trusty packing cubes. Even if you don't travel with kids, I encourage EVERYONE to get these!





 4. We take extra care packing our bookbags A) because these are what we will have direct access to during the fight, as our suitcases are in the overhead compartment and B) We don't want them to be too heavy since we have to carry them on our backs.


For every trip we pretty much pack the same things. Juice and milk for Roman (don't worry TSA will let you bring liquid if it's for a child), a few snacks, diapers, wipes, blanket, change of clothes, portable changing station, 3-4 toys, 2 books, his iPad (full of airplane mode friendly apps) and last, but certainly not least, my Rav power battery pack.


This thing has been with me on many trips and is a must have! I can get 3-4 charges of my devices and not have to worry about trying to find a plug when I'm out and about.





5. We try to schedule flights close to Roman's nap or bedtime (this works especially well when traveling to another time zone).


6. Keep expectations reasonable and have fun! Sure your child may and more than likely will cry on the plane, mess up their clothes, delay you by a few minutes here and there but that's to be expected. However, don't let it dampen your trip.


Stay calm, handle it just like you would if you were at home and have a great time!


Happy Travels!



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