How I Saved over $1,000 Shopping in less than 9 Months!


At the beginning of 2017, we decided that we would make an effort to save more money while grocery shopping.


Sure, we had the super VIP grocery card that everyone else has, and dabbled with couponing when our local grocer had its double value coupon days, but that was pretty much where our grocery savings ended.


So, under the advice of a couple of friends I did 4 things. I downloaded a few shopping apps: ibotta, Checkout 51 and Target's Cartwheel. Also, because we use Amazon so much, I decided to sign up for an Amazon credit card.


Going into this, I thought that maybe, if I really tried, I'd save/earn maybe....possibly....a hundred dollars or so.


As of September 2017, we have saved/earned $1069, with 3 months left to go in the year! How awesome is that?


So I know the question you guys are asking is "how?". Let me break it down.


Over half of our $1069 came in the form of saving money at Harris Teeter with their VIC card and using coupons on double coupon days. We had done this kinda halfheartedly in the past, but this year, we clipped coupons a couple of weeks in advance in preparation for their double coupon days, and we did really well.


How well? Lets just say we won't need any laundry detergent, toilet paper or paper towels until sometime in 2018 AND we have saved $710 so far this year!


Now for the remaining $359. I know I said earlier that I downloaded a few shopping apps at the beginning of the year, however, I didn't start using them until May. 


I know, I know, but having a 2 year old can sidetrack you sometimes :-)


Anyway, in May, I began using an app called ibota, which is really cool, because you get rebates for items you are probably already purchasing!


You pick the store in your area, select the items you plan to purchase, snap a pic of your receipt, use your phone to scan the bar code of the item you purchased and that's pretty much it!




The rebates sit in your ibotta account until you cash it out using Venmo or Paypal. If you don't want cash, you have the option to redeem a gift card for the same dollar value as you have in your account.


The best thing about ibotta is, not only can you use it for different grocery stores, you can use it for Amazon, and a lot of other vendors, too earning anywhere from 3%-10% back for your purchases!


As I mentioned above, I have also been using Target's Cartwheel app, which has saved me just over $70. It works somewhat like ibotta, in that you select the items you plan to purchase in the app. Once you select and purchase your items, you just open your app, scan the bar code on your screen and get the discount taken off right at the register.


Finally, signing up for the Amazon credit card was a no brainer. I was already receiving 3-6%  in rebates for the majority of my Amazon purchases thanks to ibotta, but with the Amazon credit card, I am saving an extra 5%!


I hate that it took me so long to start using these different apps and savings tools, but I'm beyond excited for the savings I will see going forward!


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