'22 to $1 Million: Building a $1M Portfolio by 2022



For years, I've always been an avid reader of financial blogs & publications, "Get Rich Slowly", "The Penny Hoarder" & "1500 Days to Freedom", to name a few.


And for many years I've always seen stories of couples who saved enough money to retire in their early 50's, 40s' and even 30's.

As I thought back to those stories, I couldn't recall seeing any of those stories feature minority couples. 


Like honestly, not one.

So, I decided to change that narrative & thus " '22 to $1Million" was born.


Simply put, my wife & I have put together aggressive savings & investment strategies, in hopes that we can work towards an early retirement, obtain financial freedom and achieve a $1 Million portfolio by the end of 2022.


We plan to retire between 2028 and 2030 but to get to that point, first we needed to refocus on the next 5 years.

​To reach our goal we will make some simple lifestyle changes, along with the following:

  • Increase my 401K contribution from 12% to 21%

  • Continue to contribute 8% to my wife's 401K

  • Invest an additional 12% between our Roth IRA and Personal Investment

  • Achieve a 13% annual return

Although potentially risky, we will maintain a stock heavy portfolio made up of individual stocks and mutual funds.

While hitting and possibly exceeding our goal is the plan, we also hope that we can provide some simple strategies to challenge & motivate you to improve your personal or family's finances as well!

I hope you all join us on our journey as I will document everything for the blog.


Thanks for joining us on our journey, happy savings, all!


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