10 Ways Guaranteed to Save Extra Money for your Family




I often hear from a lot of people who are struggling financially, people who feel that every month is a guessing game of whether they will have enough money to get to the next paycheck.


I don't have all of the answers, but I do have some suggestions and with a little sacrifice in some areas it can make those months a tad easier.



1)Cancel cable. Yes I know " what about your shows and live TV". Get an HD antenna from Amazon. You can snag one from $25-$30 and get all of your local channels (Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC) plus a few extras in HD quality for FREE! I also use Sling TV for only for $20 a month. I get TNT, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, HGTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, AMC, and about 15 other channels! You stream it through the internet using a Roku or Firestick.


Don’t own one? Don’t worry, they run a lot of promotions where they give you a free one!


2) Shop Smarter. Join your local grocery store's free rewards programs, take advantage of weekly promotions, coupon, use cashback apps like Ibotta, Swagbucks and E-rebates that actually give you money.


When you grocery shop, set a coupons or savings back goal. Mine is $8 per trip. With 4 trips a month, for the year that shakes out to almost $400 in my pockets!


3) Speaking of cash back, get yourself a rewards credit card. From cash back, to gift cards to travel perks. It's well worth it!


4) Shop around for a new cell phone plan. Move down a step or two with your current carrier or move to another company. A lot of companies are paying for you to leave your current carrier and come to theirs.


5)Brew your coffee or tea at home. "But I LOVE Starbucks". Cool. Get yourself a nice French press (Less than $20 at Homegoods) Go to your grocery store, more than likely Starbucks sells it in a brew at home box.


6) Pack your lunch and eat breakfast at home


7) Move your credit card balance to a 0% APR card


8) Find free forms of entertainment. Every city has some pretty dope free or nearly free activities. Try something new you may actually enjoy it


9) If you have trouble managing a credit card, no worries, pay for stuff in cash. It gives you a better perspective of how much you are actually spending vs just blindly swiping


10) Shop around for better car and house insurance. Your existing company may just give you a better rate just for threatening to leave.


That’s all for now! Remember to click the share button & happy saving!

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