Allow Me To Introduce You To....A Brotha In the Kitchen!

Hey There! So, let me take a second to introduce you to my alter-ego, A Brotha in the Kitchen!


To put it simply, I LOVE COOKING! Every-time I cook, I like to pretend I'm auditioning for a cooking show on the Food Network!


I have always loved cooking relatively healthy meals with fresh ingredients but recently I have kicked that up a notch as I have started my food journey into a vegetarian lifestyle!


With that being said, quite a few of my friends and family have no desire to jump on the veggie train with me, so I will still be putting together some tasty, meat filled meals for them!


For your visual enjoyment, I'll throw a couple of pictures below, so you can see what you are in for!


And don't worry, despite how my dishes may look, they are SUPER EASY! How easy? So easy that I prepare most of them after work, while my son runs around the kitchen!


So, kick back, relax, bring your appetite, and watch A Brotha in the Kitchen get down!


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